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towards peace强调指出几内亚比绍政府需要继续采取具体步骤实现国内和平 improving public administration改善公共行政

the supply of basic services to the population为民众提供基本服务

commending its commitment to the implementation of its national priorities, 赞扬政府致力于落实国家优先事项

Expressing concerns over the ongoing protracted political and institutional crisis表示关切长时间持续存在的政治和体制 危机

the Speaker of Parliament and heads of political parties议长和各政党领袖

which has prevented the country from moving forward with its national reform agenda and threatens to undermine the progress made in Guinea - Bissau since the restoration of

constitutional order following the elections held in 2014, 致使几内亚比绍无法推进国家改革议程,可能会削弱几内亚比绍 2014 年 选举后恢复宪政秩序以来取得的进展, the continued engagement of继续开展工作

recalling the need for concerted action among回顾。。。。。需要步调一致采取行动

Further welcoming the adoption, on 10 September 2016, by ECOWAS, of the six-point road map entitled “Agreement on the Resolution of the Political Crisis in Guinea-Bissau” brokered by ECOWAS又欢迎西非经共体 2016 年 9 月 10 日通过了西非经共体居中促成的题为“解 决几内亚比绍政治危机协议”的六点路线图

Authority of Heads of States and Government国家元首和政府首脑机构 Summit首脑会议

national reconciliation全国和解

essential for the attainment of lasting peace in Guinea-Bissau因为这对几内亚比绍实现持久和平而言必不可少

separation of powers权利分立 rule of law法治

combating impunity消除有罪不罚

a consensual, inclusive and nationally owned process, 一个一致商定、包容各方且本国主导的进程

constitutional order宪政秩序

fight against impunity打击有罪不罚

unity and territorial integrity统一及领土完整

the importance of the continued non-interference of the defence and security forces in the political situation in Guinea-Bissau国防和安全部队继续不插手几内亚比绍政治局势的重要性 accountable负责

creating conditions conducive to finding viable and sustainable solutions to the country’s social, economic, political and military problems创造有利条件以寻找持久解决本国社会、经济、政治和军 事问题的可行办法

Noting efforts of the Government to gain effective civilian control and oversight over the defence and security forces, as failure to do so could adversely affect the effective functioning of State institutions, as a result of collusion between some political actors and the military leadership, 注意到政府正努力对国防与安全部队进行有效的文职控制和监督,而由于一 些政治行为体与军方领导人勾结,若没有这样的控制和监督便可能会对国家机构 的有效运作产生不利影响, Mission特派团

ensuring an environment that enables the implementation of critical reforms in the defence and

security sector为国防与安全部门实行重大改革创造有利 环境

encouraging the international community to support the continuation of such efforts, 鼓励国际社会支持继续做出这些努力,

Taking note with concern of关切地注意到 implement its mandate执行任务 Reiterating its call on再次促请

hold those responsible accountable for their actions对负有责任者的有关行动予以追责 countries of origin, transit and final destination原产国、过境国和最终目 的地国

in this regard, stressing the need for increased coherence, coordination and efficiency among relevant partners to enhance their collective efforts , in particular through sharing of information在这方面强调指 出,需要加强相关伙伴的统一、协调和效率,以进一步作出集体努力,特别是为 此交流信息, underlining that着重指出

any lasting solution to instability in Guinea-Bissau任何持久解决几内亚比绍缺乏稳定问题的办法

brought to justice绳之以法

including through national judicial mechanisms包括通过国家司法机制这 样做

Providing support to the Government of Guinea-Bissau in strengthening democratic institutions and enhancing the capacity of state organs to function effectively and constitutionally; 支持几内亚比绍政府加强民主机构,加强国家机关根据宪法有效开展工 作的能力

Providing strategic and technical advice and support for the establishment of effective and

efficient law enforcement and criminal justice and penitentiary systems, capable of maintaining public security and combating impunity, while respecting human rights and fundamental

freedoms; 提供战略和技术咨询与支助,以建立能在尊重人权和基本自由的情况下 维持公共安全和打击有罪不罚现象的有效和高效执法、刑事司法和惩戒系统, undertake human rights monitoring开展人权监测

incorporate a gender perspective into peacebuilding在建设和平进程中顾及性别平等问题 to ensure the involvement, representation and participation of women at all levels through inter alia the provision of gender advisers特别是通过提供性别平等顾问,让妇女在各级参加和参与,并拥有自己的 代表;

Affirms声明 Expressing concerns over表示关切 Further welcoming又欢迎 Reaffirming重申 Underscoring特别指出 Noting注意到 Taking note of表示注意到 Taking note with concern of关切地注意到 Reiterating its call on再次促请 Reiterating its concern at再次关切 Affirms申明 Endorses赞同 Urges敦促 Calls upon促请 Recognizes确认 further requests还请 Resolve that正式决定 Remaining concerned that依然关切

Endorses the Conakry Agreement of 14 October 2016, based on the road map, as primary

framework for a peaceful resolution of the political crisis赞同 2016 年 10 月 14 日根据路线图达成的《科纳克里协议》为和平解 决政治危机基本框架, historic opportunity历史机遇 civil society民间社会

political leaders政治领导人

jointly ensure political stability携手确保 政治稳定

joint efforts共同努力

work together towards合力实现

supports the intention of ECOWAS to urgently dispatch a high-level mission支持西非经共体打算紧急派遣一个高级别访问团

abide by their commitment to bring political stability to Guinea -Bissau in engaging in genuine dialogue信守承诺,为恢复 几内亚比绍的政治稳定进行真正的对话

strictly respect and comply with the Conakry Agreement严格尊重和遵守《科纳克里协议》 addressing their differences and the challenges facing their country以解决彼此间的分歧,应对其国家面临的挑战

refrain from actions and statements that could escalate tensions and incite violence; 不要做出可能加剧紧张局势和煽动暴力的言行

Emphasizes the importance of passing key reforms, as outlined in the Conakry Agreement aimed at creating a conducive environment for the holding of legislative and presidential elections in 2018 and 2019, reform of the electoral code and promulgation of a new law on political parties and requests UNIOGBIS to work closely with national authorities, as well as the United Nations Country Team (UNCT) in support of the timely conduct of these elections, and to strengthen democracy and good governance; 强调必须通过《科纳克里协议》所述关键改革措施,从而为分别在 2018 年和 2019 年举行立法选举和总统选举创造有利环境,必须修订选举法且颁布新 的政党法,并请联几建和办与国家当局以及联合国国家工作队密切合作,支持及 时进行这些选举,加强民主和善治;

work together to consolidate progress made so far携手巩固迄今为止取得的进展 with particular attention to political-military dynamics尤其注意政治军事动态 ineffective state institutions and rule of law国 家机构和法治效率低下

continue to submit themselves fully to civilian control继续全面接受文官控制 through the use of good offices and mediation通过斡旋和调解 extending its political support to提供政治支持 in consultation with与。。。协商

organizing a meeting of the International Contact Group on Guinea-Bissau安排一次几内亚比绍问题国际联络小组会议

the evolving human rights situation in the country该国人权状况不断变化

initiate investigations to identify the perpetrators of human rights violations and abuses开展调查以查明侵犯和践踏人权的人

take action to protect witnesses in order to ensure due process采取行动保护证人,以确保正当程序

the long-term peacebuilding priorities长期优先事项

Recognizes the ongoing implementation of some defence and security sector reforms确认目前正在进行一些国防和安全部门改革

encourages the continuation of further efforts as a crucial element for long-term stability in Guinea-Bissau鼓励继续进一步作出努力, 因为这对几内亚比绍长期稳定而言不可或缺 to obtain expeditious and positive results以便迅速取得积极成果

Commends the crucial role of ECOMIB in securing the state institutions赞扬西非经共体特派团发挥极其重要的作用,即保障国家机构的安全 supports its continuation支持继续保留该特派团

sustaining the deployment of ECOMIB支持继续部署该特派团

financial assistance财政援助

consider options考虑各种备选办法

ensuring access to justice for all citizens让所有公民都能诉诸法律 national legislations国家法律 Trust Fund信托基金

within its jurisdiction在 其管辖范围内 demonstrate full commitment t表明对。。。。的充分承诺

ensure the relevant capacity within the existing structure确保现有结构拥有相关能力 contribute to the anti-drug efforts为禁毒工作做出贡献 including appropriate expertise包括提供适当专业人员

increase efforts to achieve greater coherence, coordination and efficiency among relevant United Nations agencies, funds and programmes进一步努力提高在几内亚比绍的联 合国各个机构、基金和方案的连贯性、协调性和效率

maximize their collective effectiveness最大限度发挥它们的集体 效力

demonstrate the necessary commitment to re-establish momentum for progress in key areas, as outlined in the programme “Terra Ranka” presented to the donor community展现必要的承诺,以便按提交给捐助界的“新开端”方案所述,在关键领域重启进 展势头

fulfil the pledges they made at that round table兑现在圆桌会议上作出的认捐 sanctions measures制 裁措施

remain actively seized of the matter继续积极处理此案

sustaining development gains in the future维持未来的发展收益

as contained in an informal paper circulated in the room, on the understanding that the

Secretariat should arrange for the issuance of the informal paper as an official document of the Council. 该草案载于会议室内分发的一份非正式文件,但 有一项谅解,即秘书处应安排这份非正式文件作为理事会正式文件印发

Welcome the first and inaugural meeting of the high-level political forum on sustainable

development, convened under the auspices of the General Assembly on 24 September 2013; 欢迎由大会主持召开的可持续发展高级别政治论坛于 2013 年 9 月 24 日举行开幕会议 landlocked developing countries内陆发展中国家

address their specific challenges解决 他们的具体挑战 Programme of Action行动纲领

Small Island Developing States 小岛屿发展中国家

Have considered the themes of the 2014 annual ministerial review审议了 2014 年年度部长级审查的主题

have provided a common vision提供了一个共同愿景

contributed to remarkable progress为取得令人瞩目的进步作出了贡献 significant and substantial advances实质性巨大进展

Are determined to address the remaining unevenness and gaps in achievement and the

challenges that remain, in particular, for the most off-track Millennium Development Goals, and those where progress has stalled; 决心解决在实现目标方面依然存在的不平衡和差距以及继续存在 的挑战,特别是对最没有上轨道的千年发展目标以及那些进展停滞的目标; national ownership国家自主权

Underline the central role of a strengthened global partnership for development着重指出加强全球发展伙伴关系的核心作用