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opponents, fellow players, referees, and fans.

3. No, winning isn’t the most important thing in sports. Winning is good, but there is much

more about playing sports than winning playing sports brings about many benefits, the most important of which is to cultivate the spirit of sports. The spirit of sports is best reflected in the Olympic Creed, which reads: “The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is no the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well.

4. I think it means that a true champion has great confidence and determination that we should

not take lightly. A true champion knows one must push his limits of endurance or strength or skill to achieve victory. A true champion never gives up.

5. The story of Cliff Young is extraordinary and inspirational, from which I have learned a great

deal. I have learned that we should pursue our dreams regardless of what other people have to say. An ordinary person can become a hero, and wonderful things do happen when we are determined and committed. Most important of all, we should believe in ourselves!

Language focus Words in use 3

1. annual 2. contract 3. distinction 4. substantial 5. furnished 6. amateur 7. assemble 8. react 9. apparent 10. magnificent

word building 4

Words learned new words formed -ing

boring bore fascinating fascinate amuse amusing -ion

Explode explosion Assume assumption Evolve evolution Compensatecompensation

Contribution contribute -ary


Element elementary Revolution revolutionary 5

1. assumption 2. fascinated 3. explosion 4. elementary 5. compensation 6. evolution 7. amusing 8. bore

9. contribute 10. revolutionary

banked cloze 6

1K 2D 3C 4B 5H 6O 7F 8M 9A 10G

Expressions in use 7

1. passed away 2. left behind 3. give away

4. had no intention of 5. Up to

6. regardless of

7. might (just) as well 8. fall ill

9. in attendance 10. to this day

structured writing 9

In 1564, William Shakespeare, the great poet and playwright, was born in England. As a boy he attended a local grammar school in his hometown. At the age of 18 he married Anne Hathaway, and they had three children. Between 1585 and 1592, he developed a successful career in London. By 1592 several of his plays were on the London stage and he had become well-known by acting and writing plays. He appeared to have retired from the theater and returned to his hometown around 1613. In 1616, at the age of 52, he passedaway.




有关古代奥林匹克运动会的最早文字记载可追溯至公元前776年。古代待奥运会每4年举办一次,在8月6日与9月19日之间的一个纪念宙斯的宗教节日期间举行。第一届现代奥运会于1896年在希腊雅典举办。奥运会的标志由五个大小相同的套环组成,代表着五大洲的联合和来自世界各地运动员的大聚会。奥运会真正腾飞、成为一项国际体育盛会是在1924年之后,即第8届奥运会在巴黎举办之后。这一年,来自44个国家约3,000名运动员同场竞技,并且第一次在奥运会上增加了闭幕式这一仪式。同年,冬季奥运会首次亮相,比赛项目包括花样滑冰、冰球、雪橇和冬季两项运动。80年后,2004年夏季奥运会在相隔一个多世纪后再次在雅典举办,来自201个国家的近11,000名运动员展开竞技,创下参赛车数量之最。 11

Tai Chi is a kind of martial arts, and a fitness exercise as well. It has a long history in China. With slow and gentle movements, Tai Chi is suitable for people of any age, sex, or body type to practice. It can be used to provide self-defense as well as build the body. Therefore, it has become very popular among Chinese people. During its development, Tai Chi borrowed and absorbed desirable elements from traditional Chinese philosophy, medicine, and martial arts, and it has developed into a sport with unique features. As a unique sport in China, Tai Chi is also gaining increasing popularity among many foreign friends.

Section B Reading skills 1

1. The text is mainly about the benefits sports can bring to young people.

2. Sports can keep young people healthy, give them a sense of self-worth and accomplishment,

teach them to deal with both failure and success, and help them learn to cooperate with other.

3. Yes, participation in competitive team sports can do harm to young people sometimes.

Reading comprehension Understanding the text 2

1. It means that the qualities of the future leaders are formed through the activities that they

participate in now.

2. Team sports can bring about attributes such as inspiration and physical stimulation.

3. By mentioning lemons and honey, the author wants to illustrate that in order to get to know

the real meaning of something, you have to experience it.

4. The quotation implies that it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose in a game. What

matters is whether you try your best or play fair or work as a team.

5. By taking part in team sports, talented people have the chance to develop leadership skills

and earn the respect of their team members.

6. Through sports, those who lack talent will learn the value f individual hard work, the vale of

cooperation and teamwork, and the fundamental importance of planning and preparation for the positive outcome of their ambitions.


7. When too much emphasis is put on winning, children may suffer psychological harm, and

may miss the learning opportunities sports can offer.

8. It means winning is not everything, but we must win as there is no other option for us. In

saying this, the football coach means that although people often say winning is not everything, it turns out to be the most important thing on the playground. What he wants to convey is that players should do all their best to win.

Critical thinking 3

1. There are many benefits we can get from playing sports.

. It can improve our health, fitness, and overall well-being. . It is fun and makes us enjoy our college life more.

. It helps us develop self-discipline. We can learn to set goals and work hard to achieve the goals.

. It provides us with a positive physical appearance and higher self-esteem.

. It helps us learn how to act with grace in the face of failure, and come to know that we can’t always win and winning is not everything.

2. Yes, I have played in competitive sports. I was on the class volleyball team in high school.

Every year we competed at the school sports meeting. I usually felt stressed out a few days before the game. I would clam myself down by closing my eyes and taking deep breaths, or by practicing meditation or yoga. Besides, I would keep telling myself that my team had practiced a lot, we cooperated well, and we were ready.

3. . No, I don’t have any trouble in cooperating with others in team sports. I play team sports

such as basketball and football. I can always get along well with my teammates and my opponents as well, for I’m understanding and considerate, and I can handle defeat with god grace.

. I seldom play any team sports. I love sports, but I only play sports alone, such as jogging, swimming, Tai Chi, and yoga. But I don’t think I will have trouble playing in team sports, for I always believe that you win as a team, and you lose as a team.

4. Take up a sport, practice it, and you’ll love it. Playing sports benefits you both or the time

being and in the long run. By playing sports, you will enjoy good health, better self-image, and therefore greater confidence; and you will meet more people, learn to deal with stress or depression. So, let sports become part of your life, for the benefits will not only add up to a better quality of life, but will also last a lifetime.

5. We should be humble in victory and gracious in defeat. If you win, be humble. Don’t boast

about your talents or skills. Don’t play down your opponents. But if you lose, be gracious. Don’t complain that the judge wasn’t fair, or your teammates didn’t play well, or your opponents were just lucky. Say “Congratulations!” to your opponents, and shake hands with them. Also thank your teammates for their efforts.

Language focus Words in use 4