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Section A

Directions:Complete each of the following sentences with the proper of the words given in the brackets.

1.It is improper to______________between pupils according to their family background. (different,differentiate)

2.He had been a strict father but was__________to his grandchildren.(indulge,indulgent) 3.We anticipate that we will meet a certain amount of_______to our plan.(resist,resistance) 4.Established musicians have a__________to guide an assist young musicians.(responsibility,responsible)

5.This article has analyzed the_______of crime psychology theoretically.(formation,form) 6.It’s very foolish of the commander to expose his men to____________risks.(unnecessary,necessary) Section B

Directions:Fill in the blanks with the words given below.Change the form where necessary. Constraint budget mentality principle Temptation scheme allocate monthly

1.That will place a strong______on job growth in those cyclical sectors. 2.They lack the power to raise funds of to _________spending.

3.The first_________here is to develop production and ensure supply. 4.It turns out that the_______is good both in theory an in practice.

5.The team leader must provide______reports on all the group’s activities and expenditures.

6.If you are asked what you would do in a certain situation,resist the________to answer before you’ve asked some questions of your own. Section C

Directions:Complete each of the following sentences with a proper word.

1.Attendance at the meeting was small,due partly_______the absence of teachers, 2.His health suffered from over-indulgence_______rich food and drink. 3.Kids should form the habit of saving money______a regular basis.

4.Heavy rain caused a severe car accident,resulting_______the death of two passengers. 5.As a result of recession,people have learned to live________their means.

6.________principle,the new software should make the accounting system a lot simpler. III.Bridging the Gap

Directions:Fill in the blanks with a word or a phrase that best completes the passage.You may choose a suitable one from the list given.

Basic grow invest ideally called Now that wasteful accumulated where direct

Money management can actually be broken down into a very simple practice that even a fourth grader can do in his young life.The_______step to being on your wealth path is knowing how much you really do need in your life and how you can_______he rest.If you are already working,arrange with your company to_______a predetermined amount of your payroll into a force savings fund and then you will learn to live with the rest._______, the amount that is left for you to work with is smaller,and this particular practice is actually______”learning to pay yourself first”-despite bills and other payab1es,you will come first.

The beauty of this money management practice to get you on the wealth path is that

you will be forced to cut your_______spending.You will learn to live with what you have and figure out the little avenues in your life______you can stop the finacia1 leaks.With this,you will find that you have extra money to invest with.______you have a sizeab1e amount,the next thing that you can do is to figure out where to put the extras that have______over time so you can generate money and make it______with very little effort from you.There are many things you can find to put your money in.

IV.Translation Section A

Directions:Translate the following sentences into English,using the words or phrases in the brackets.

1.To obtain objective findings,scientists____________________________________________(依据实验得出结论)。(on the basis of)

2.She’s such a self-disciplined person that__________________________________________(她从不沾酒)。(indulge in)

3.When he loses his temper,he__________________________________________________(对自己的行为不负责任)。(be responsible for)

4.The result of being employed proves that__________________________________________(我的从教经验对我有利)。(stand...in good stead)

5.Figures show that fifty percent of road accidents____________________________________(导致头部受伤)。(result in) Section B

Directions:Translate the following paragraph into Chinese.

Whether of not children are allowed to handle their own pocket money,parents and stepparents will surely be budgeting a certain amount of cash for their chi1dren’s everyday needs and wants.kids don’t need a great deal of money,but ideally,they should have enough so that they can learn to spend some and save some.Many parents help children to learn about the importance of spending by asking kids to separate their money into at least three potions.One is for immediate spending,one for short term savings(a car,college,etc.).In some families,they add a fourth category,which is for donating,teaching children the value and importance of helping those less fortunate.

V.Organizing Your Ideas

Directions:Put the following sentences in the proper order so that they make a complete paragraph.

1.For starters,if you aren’t reader,you should start with that. 2.You can also take courses and attend seminars.

3.These programs are taught by people who have spent decades figuring out how to make some aspect of their life work and now they are going to teach you how to do it.

4.Of course,you want to do some research before you invest in some of these seminars and make sure you’re not just paying for some sales presentation.

5.Reading books can really expand your mind and allow you to learn so many different skills and gain knowledge that will help you in all areas of your life. 6.So what are some specific things you can do? VI.Reflecting on the Text

Text B The Importance of Money in Life Exercises

I.Checking Your Comprehension Section A

Directions:Read the following statements and mark Y (for Yes)if the statement agrees with the information given in the text;N(for No)if the statement contradicts the information given in the text;NG(for Not Given)if the information is not given in the text.

( )1.If you believe”money is the root of all evil”,you may encounter more difficulties on the way to financial success.

( )2.The author considers it as a fact that the universe is abundant and enough money is available around us.

( )3.The author gives many suggestions to children on how to spend money. ( )4.Abundance thinking has negative influence on the way you live.

( )5.According to the author,the root of all evil has nothing to do with the money itself.

( )6.People should have abundance thinking for the Law of Attraction functions well in people’s daily life. Section B

Directions:Complete the following sentences with the information given in the text. 1.With money you can move on to different countries have_______. 2.Abundance thinking and lack thinking are______.

3.The amount of money you have has nothing to do with character______. 4.A flow of money may be brought out by having______.

5.If you want to have a constant flow of money,you should be______both when you give and receive.

6.To become a financial success,you should change your current mindset to______ II.Building Your Vocabulary Section A

Directions:Complete each of the following sentences with the correct choice of the words given in the brackets.

1.People are looking forward to stores with an_______________of commodity supplies.(abundant,abundance) Section B

2.Young children usually have a_________soft object like a stuffed animal or a blanket.(favorite,favour)

3.Jack wanted to invite the beautiful girl out,but was______that she would refuse.(scare,scared) 4.A successful businessman made a small______in his wife’s name.(donation,donate)

5.The Great Sphinx in Egypt might have______had the face of a lion,a UK geologist claimed recently.(original,originally)

6.The country has been in a very poor_______state ever since the decline of its two major industries.(economic,economy) Section B

Directions:Fill in the blanks with the words given below.Change the form where necessary.

Stimulate available abundant greedy Charity subconscious universe readily

1.Funds are________to assist students who want to pursue who want to pursue further studies. 2.There is_______evidence that cars have a harmful effect on the environment. 3.Her interest in designing was______by her father since her childhood.

4.An anonymous businesswoman donated one million dollars to the local______. 5.With so many stars in the_______.are we alone,or is there life out there in space? 6.Medical inventions are______embraced by doctors and patients. Section C

Directions:Complete each of the following sentences with a suitable word. 1.As a schoolgirl,she dreamed______becoming an actress.

2.If you spend any time in prison,you’re labeled_______a criminal for the rest of your life. 3.New tax measures are designed to keep the balance______rich and poor. 4.The little boy seems insecure,but deep______he’s quite confident. 5.The new cata1ogue will open______the market for our product.

6.People are bombarded with information______the form of TV advertising. III.Translation Sections A

Directions:Translate the following sentences into English,using the words or phrases in the brackets. Section B

Directions:Translate the following paragraph into Chinese.

How do people think about money?There is a truth that many people value money too highly.They think money is all and believe that”money is a passport to anything”So they can do anything,even immoral and illegal things in order to have money.Robbers are ready to kill others cruelly for merely dozens of dollars.Traders are ready to cheat in commerce to appropriate more money.Officials themselves,who have much power and influence on society,trample on their honour and others’ interests. IV.Writing Section A

Directions:Rewrite the following by putting the short sentences into compound or complex sentence,or sentence with participial,prepositional,or other phrases.

Example:The dean issued a bulletin.It said the library would remain open on weekends. Revision:The dean issued a bulletin,which said the library would remain open on weekends. 1.A German is coming to see me.I made his acquaintance in Hamburg last year.

2.Any of these problems can be solved by ordinary intelligence and hard work.None of them are too difficult for us.

3.The children felt exhausted.They fell asleep at once.

4.My wife was using the vacuum cleaner.I was trying to listen to a broadcast play. 5.You promise to behave yourself.You shall not go to the party this afternoon. Section B

Directions:Complete the following paragraph by choosing one statement from the column below. ______.Where Britons end certain words with-se Americans usually end the same words with-ce(British practise vs.American practice);______(British defence vs.American